Scouts of the World Award Logo

The SW Award Programme is an initiative of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) to help national scout organizations (NSOs) revitalize the program of activities that will lead towards the Scout Advancement of the Senior [Ventures] and Rover Scouting Sections, aged between fifteen (15) to twenty six (26) years old, by giving them with opportunities to render and implement community development services and projects, in response to the challenges of the times. It challenges all young people, Scouts and non-Scouts, to think about global issues and act upon them in their local community. It is the only award for young people provided by World Scouting.

For more details, you may download the Scouts of the World Award Programme Guidelines or you may refer them directly to the Field Operations Division thru Mr. Kenny Ralph S. Fernando, Program Executive and NSO / National Coordinator for the SW Award Program at (02) 527 5112 local 508.

Why does the SW Award Programme advocate the notion of an 'Award'?

Adolescents and young adults need society to acknowledge their capabilities and competences. Granting a young person the SW Award is a way of showing that they have acquired the knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivations, and values needed to become a real world citizen. This, in turn, should be acknowledged by universities, private companies, social organizations, and public authorities.

WOSM, Scouts of the World Award – Program Guidelines

Doesn’t the notion of an ‘Award’ imply competition or elitism?

No. The only competitive aspect of the SW Award is competition with oneself. All young people who join the programme and have experiences which meet the criteria explained in Program Guidelines will receive the SW Award.

WOSM, Scouts of the World Award – Program Guidelines

Are Messengers of Peace and the World Scout Environment Programme competing with the SW Award Programme?

They are all linked because they are all World Programmes contributing to a Better World through a service dimension. But they don’t compete with each other. However, the SW Award is unique because it embraces three fields of action (development, peace, and the environment); it has a strong element of world citizenship (discovering global issues and acting locally); it is the only Award proposed by World Scouting for young members of Scouting and non-Scouts (aged 15‒26); and, finally, it is particularly strong in educational terms (with a complete project approach comprehending needs identification, project planning, partnerships, project implementation, evaluation, valorisation and networking, and acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes).

WOSM, Scouts of the World Award – Program Guidelines

If I start my SW Discovery when I’m 26 can I still complete my SW Voluntary Service after that and be awarded the SW Award?

No. You must have completed all parts of the SW Award and have all parts signed off before your 26th birthday. In some exceptional situations, the award ceremony may happen after your 26th birthday.

WOSM, Scouts of the World Award – Program Guidelines

Who are the appointed Scouts of the World (SW) Award Programme Local Coordinators and Leaders?

The BSP National Office has recently appointed twenty six (26) Lay and Volunteer Leaders as Local Coordinators of the SW Award Programme and constitute the pioneer group of the SW Award Programme Task Force. These leaders have undergone proper technical training about the program conducted by the BSP National Office, in partnership with the World Scout Bureau – Asia-Pacific Regional Support Centre (WSB-APRSC).

1. PERRERAS, Raymund P. – Pangasinan – San Carlos City Council
2. CURATE, Mark Harry N.- Eastern Pangasinan Council

3. MAMABA, Mary Ann L. – Isabela Council
4. RAMOS, Lindo John L. – Cagayan North – Tuguegarao City Council
5. MUTUG, Edwin N.- Nueva Vizcaya Council

6. MOLINA, Adrian M. – James L. Gordon Council
7. ARAGON, Arlene A. – Ramon Magsaysay Council
8. DIZON, Neri L. – Bulacan Council

9. BAGUIO, Dave Renath R. – Metro Manila South Council
10. DE LEON, Bernando G. – Manila Council
11. INCIONG, Roy Christian A. – Manila Council

12. SILVA-MISSION, Magnolia Q. – Lipa City Council
13. DELOS MARTIREZ, Cherrylyn A. – Calamba City Council
14. TAROSA, Aiza J. – Rizal Council

15. BOTER, Mark Anthony N. – Camarines Sur Council
16. PABALLA, Noel R. – Camarines Sur Council

17. CERDANA, Eric P. – Iloilo Council
18. LAO, Leo D. – Iloilo Council

19. GOYENA, Pater O. – Northern Samar Council
20. RAMOSA, Dionisio C. – Northern Samar Council
21. RAMOS, Markwil Bert T. – Cebu Council

22. REPOLLIDO, Alberto A. – Zamboanga del Sur – Pagadian City Council
23. GARBAN, Renante L. – Zamboanga del Sur – Pagadian City Council
24. BLANCO, Jose Weavster J. – Zamboanga del Sur – Pagadian City Council
25. ASGAL, Dante T. – Zamboanga Sibugay Council
26. ACABAL, Rene D. – ZANDIDAP Council