12th National Rover Moot

23 – 29 October 2017 at the Camp Rodriguez Santos, Cadlan-Palestina,
Pili, Province of Camarines Sur, Philippines

Rover Moot Overview

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines is pleased to announce the holding of the 12 NATIONAL ROVER MOOT on 23 – 29 October 2017 at the Camp Rodriguez Santos, Cadlan-Palestina, Pili, Province of Camarines Sur with the theme, “Growth and Stability”.

Rover Moot Forms

Aims and Objectives

The 12th National Rover Moot aims to provide safe, exciting, challenging and meaningful learning opportunities and educational activities geared towards responsible leadership, community development, environment and natural resources protection and preservation and build lasting friendship among the brotherhood of open-air and service.

At the end of the Rover Moot, the participants should be able to:

  • Participate and contribute in the development of local communities through the immersion program, activities and service projects such as tree planting, school garden landscaping, repainting of classrooms, coastal clean-up and community beautification, etc.;
  •  Develop awareness about the Environment, Development and Peace Education anchored on the UN Sustainable Development Goals through cooperative learning, teamwork and youth involvement in the WOSM Better World Programmes – the Messengers of Peace (MoP) Initiatives; World Scout Environment Programme (WSEP) and the Scouts of the World Award (SWA);
  • Undertake campcraft and woodcraft skills for self-reliance; outdoor exploration and high-adventure activities that will promote active and healthy lifestyle among Rovers;
  •  Acquire knowledge and skills about the relevant issues and challenges of today’s society such as health, education, peace, environment, livelihood, family and human rights through forum and dialogue.
  • Develop core life skills and 21st century leadership capabilities through team building, cooperative learning, group dynamics, creative problem-solving and decision-making skills; and
  • Strengthen camaraderie and fellowship among the Rovers from different councils nationwide.

Qualifications of Participants

The following are the minimum qualifications for participating Rovers, Leaders, CMTs and NSTs, viz:

  • Rover Scouts is expected to have leadership skills and potentials and enough camping experience;
    • Must be currently registered with a Rover Circle in good standing
    • Must be at least sixteen (16) to twenty six 26 years old; and those who are in the Junior and Senior High School in the Rover Scouting Section;
    • Must have a Health and Medical Certificate to be Physically Fit as certified by a Licensed Physician
    • Must have Parent’s Permit for participants below 18 years old
    • Must have a complete set of Camping Gears and Equipment
  • Rover Leaders must have undergone the Basic Training and/or preferably with Advanced Training Course for Unit Leaders and understanding of his/her duties and responsibilities of Adult Leader;
    • Must be currently registered with a Rover Circle
    • Must be physically fit as certified by a physician
    • Must be of good moral character
    • Must be equipped with camping gears
    • Preferably a Bead Holder or graduates of Advanced Training Courses (ATC) for Unit Leaders or Leaders of Adults
  • National Service Team. Each Scouting Region is allocated with specific quota for Adult Leaders and volunteers who wish to serve as part of the National Service Team.
    • Must be currently registered as a Rover Scout or as an Adult Leader aged between eighteen (18) to forty (50) years old
    • Must be physically fit as certified by a physician
    • Must be of good moral character
    • Must be at least a Wood Badge Holder with at least one (1) year of experience and service
    • Must be duly recommended by the Council Scout Executive/Officer-in-Charge and the Regional Scout Director

Quota for Participation

The participation to the Rover Moot will come from the one hundred twenty (120) Local Councils and ten (10) Scouting Regions of the BSP and is pro-rated as follows:


Rovers Leaders CMT NST TOTAL
Ilocos Region


5 8 5


Northeastern Luzon Region


8 15 5


Central Luzon Region


8 15 5


National Capital Region


10 10 15


Southern Tagalog Region


30 18 30


Bicol Region


20 10 20


Western Visayas Region

20 10 0 0


Eastern Visayas Region


5 0 0


Western Mindanao Region


20 12 20


Eastern Mindanao Region


20 20 20


TOTAL 1,270 136 108 120 1,634
  1. Rovers. A Standard Ratio of One (1) Leader for every nine (9) Rovers must be observed in
    the composition of Moot Contingents.
  2. Leaders. The number of Leaders is basically 10% of the allocated quote for Rover
    participants per Scouting Region.
  3. CMTs. Each Scouting Region must constitute its own Contingent Management Team (CMT) for coordination, planning, deployment and monitoring purposes. While the number of CMTs allocated per Scouting Region is based on the number of Local Councils within the Region, the Regional Scout Director shall be responsible for directing the organization of their respective CMTs.
  4. NSTs. Each Scouting Region is allocated with specific quota for Adult Leaders and volunteers who wish to serve as part of the National Service Team. NSTs played a significant role in the implementation of the Rover Moot program as well as in the Administration Support to the Moot Organizers. The NST allocation per Scouting Region is pegged at 10% of the allocated number of Rover Participants, respectively

Registration Details

A Registration fee of Five Hundred Pesos Only (P 500.00) shall be charged each participant to cover expenses for program materials, certificates, individual souvenir items and other administrative costs during the event.

PHASE 1 – Pre-Registration: Inclusive Dates: July 05 – 31, 2017

During this phase, all Local Councils who wish to participate in the Rover Moot must electronically (via email) complete and submit to the BSP National Office, the following Rover Moot Forms:

No payment shall be remitted during this phase, only the required Rover Moot forms, as identified above. This will determine the strength of participation of each Local Council, depending on the quota allocation per Scout Region.

The participation as identified in the Rover Moot forms will undergo scrutiny and review thru the National Project Management Team to ensure that the standards of participation are met (adult and participant ratio, required number of the CMT, etc.). The participation must strictly conform to the quota allocation and the participant ratio.

To preclude any logistical problems and complications, the Pre-Registration will DETERMINE THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS of each Local Council and/or Scouting Region, consistent with the quota allocation.

PHASE 2 – Confirmation of Participation: Inclusive Dates: August 1 – 31, 2017 

The Phase 2 of the registration refers to the general review of participation of each Local Council in order to ensure that proper allocation of participants based on the required participant ratio and allowable number of adults to be included in the Contingent Management Team.

Accompanying adults in excess of the required participant ratio and members of the CMT will not be allowed.

Once participation is found to be consistent with the Rover Moot Registration Policy, a Notice of Confirmation will be sent by the National Project Management Team to each Local Council, detailing the required payment and the authorizing remittance of payment per allowed number of participants.

PHASE 3 – Remittance of Payment: Inclusive Dates: September 1 – 15, 2017 

The last phase of the registration is the remittance of payment. The details of the registration, as well as the corresponding fee will be reflected in the Notice of Confirmation which will be sent by the National Project Management Team directly to the Local Council.

Remittance of registration will be done in bulk, per Local Council. Only the Local Council is allowed to remit the registration fee. No individual registration fees should be remitted to the Rover Moot account.

Registration Fees must be paid directly to the host council [Camarines Sur Council, BSP] via bank transfer, to the official Rover Moot account, with the following details:

Account Name:                                BSP-CAMARINES SUR COUNCIL
Current Account Number:            0042-1017-70
Bank Name:                                     LANDBANK OF THE PHILIPPINES
Branch:                                             NAGA CITY BRANCH

The SCANNED COPY [not photo taken] of the bank deposit slip must be electronically transmitted to the BSP National Office at bsp@scouts.org.ph, with a copy furnished to email of the host council.


Regardless as to whether the total numbers of pre-registered participants have been met or not during the actual conduct of the Rover Moot, the registration fee is not refundable, but is transferrable.

What to Bring

The standard Circle equipment is prescribed in activities of this nature. It is suggested that only handy equipment (tent, cooking gears, sleeping bags, food provisions, uniform, costumes, extra clothes, personal toilet kit. etc.) should be brought by every contingent.

Food Provisions

The Moot participants of each Local Council must provide for their own food and other basic requirements that will be sufficient throughout the entire duration of the Rover Moot. Each contingent is responsible in managing their respective kitchens, mess and commissaries. Wet and Dry Markets will be made available at the Camp Site in order to ensure the availability of food supplies at reasonable prices.

Travel Itinerary

All Local Council Moot participants are advised to submit their Itinerary of Travel to their respective Regional Scout Directors for record and reference purposes. Furthermore, all PARTICIPANTS are advised to report at the Rover Moot Site not later than 0900H of 23 October 2017, Monday and will only be cleared to leave the camp after the Grand Closing Ceremony.

Moot Bulletins

The National Project Management Team will be publishing and releasing Rover Moot Bulletins from time to time in order to provide everyone with the latest information and details about the 12th National Rover Moot, allowing and enabling all participants to adequately prepare for the event.

Rover Moot Bulletins will be sent and posted thru various online and social media platforms being handled by the National Office, viz:

  • Official Website www.scouts.org.ph/12thNRoverMoot
  • Official Email bsp@scouts.org.ph
  • Official Facebook Fan Page 12th National Rover Moot (facebook.com/sample)
  • Official Twitter Account @ScoutsPH (twitter.com/ScoutsPH)